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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week 2

On the link above, you'll see our videos for RE. Here we are in the sunshine composing our musical interpretations.

For our first PE lesson this week, we learnt how to pass to our teammates. We had some time to practise the skill in different activities according to our confidence and then we played a match where instead of scoring a goal, the team must achieve five consecutive uninterrupted passes. It was harder than we initially thought it would be!

In English this week, we did a little bit of drama to help us understand the story of The Highwayman a little better.

In science, we recapped what dark is. Understanding that it is the absence of light, we tried to make the room as dark as possible. We did ok but there was still some light peeping through from behind the blinds. We learnt how it is that our eyes pick up the image of something after the light has bounced off it and used wool to show how the light travels from the source and into our eyes. We then came up with our own investigations for how we could answer the question: 'How do we see light?' Finally, we presented our findings to the class.

For our second PE lesson this week, we learnt how to shoot. We finished today's lesson with a full football match trying to put together our dribbling, turning, passing and shooting skills.