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Physical Development


Each day, please try to be as active as possible, not always easy I know, especially if the weather is bad and we are inside more. Could you design an exercise routine to keep you fit? You could:


- walk on the spot - swing arms and high knees.

- jog on the spot. How long can you go for? 10 seconds? 20?

- run fast on the spot - remember feet up of the ground and try to stay in one spot.

- balance on one foot and then swap - remember to keep your tummy tight and your back straight.

- stretch your body with hands above your head.

- make yourself small into a compact shape - can you do this whilst balancing on one foot? How long can you do it


- do some star jumps - slowly do 10 jumps - make sure you have enough space.

- move safely in different ways around the space you have - zig zag, side step, skip, hop-scotch, high knee       


- jump and land safely - bend your knees on take-off and landing and keep your head up.

- try a seated balance - keep your head up and still, tummy tight and back straight.


These are just some suggestions - can you think of anything else? Get mum or dad to take a photo of you trying out your exercise routine - can they email it to me or upload it on EExAT?


Remember - be safe and have fun! smiley

Pedal Power

Real P.E.

Below, you will find the link to do some Real PE at home. Parents will receive the login details - when you login you will find an online programme which will support the children to be active and for you to play and learn together as a family. In the Early Years and KS1 section there are 12 themes and over 250 activities and challenges to try.



Disney Shake Up games

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you play-along games inspired by your favourite Disney and Pixar characters. These 10-minute bursts of fun will really get children moving and count towards the 60 active minutes they need every day!

January Active Calendar

This calendar provides some active challenges for children to try, however some may be a little difficult for Reception children so scale it down to suit their skills and endurance! smiley


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