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Term 4

Welcome back!

It has been absolutely fantastic to see all our children come back to school with smiley, happy faces and all eager to carry on with their learning. It has been like they were never away! smiley


UTW - Investigating Inks

First of all, we learnt about primary colours and carried out an ink investigation to see if different colours were made up of that one colour or a mix. We found out that black contained purple, green and blue.

UTW - Who stole the magic carpet?

Mr T showed us a ransom note that he had received! surprise surprise 


Someone has stolen the magic red carpet from Quest and we had to investigate to see who it was. The ransom note was written on kitchen roll in green felt tip pen and we had 4 suspects...



                   Miss Vedamuttu                    Mrs Barker                            Mrs Wakefield                     Mrs Farley-Hills


They all had a green felt tip pen in their office! surprise We had to investigate to see which pen's ink matched the ransom note. 

Who did it??

Still image for this video

From our investigation, we knew who it definitely wasn't - Mrs Barker and Mrs Wakefield were innocent because...


'Their ink was too dark - the ink on the ransom note was lighter!' - Othelia & Kunsi


That left Miss Vedamuttu and Mrs Farley-Hills.


'Both are nearly the same.' - Jakub           'I think it was Miss Vedamuttu because her pen looks the same.' - Rebecca


'I think it was Mrs Farley-Hills, she is the thief!' - Ariana


In the end, we decided that they were both working together and that they both stole the magic carpet! smiley



UTW - Camouflage

We coloured in crocodiles in bright colours and Miss Cleveland hid them outside. Would we be able to find them?

'It was easy to see them.' - Curtis                'They were too bright, it was easy!' - Mia


What would make it harder to see the crocodiles?

'We could make them darker.' - Kunsi             'We could camouflage them.' - Emilia   


What does that mean?

'It makes them hard to see. Animals hide by going the same colour as the trees.' - Emilia   


So, the children then camouflaged their crocodiles with different coloured tissue paper.

How many crocodiles can you see?

UTW - I can't see you!

The children had a choice of three animals (butterfly, frog or caterpillar) and they then had to choose some patterned paper. 

Next up, the challenge was to try and camouflage their animal on the patterned paper. Have a look at their efforts...