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Week 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk

This week's challenges will be based on Jack and the Beanstalk’.


Phonics: Please keep practising your new Set 2 phonics every day - 10 or 15 minutes is all you need to do. There are sound cards linked to each of the Set 2 Sounds in the Phonics folder – you could use these to practise – go on a ‘Word Hunt’ or play ‘What’s in the Bag?’


Only focus on one sound until you are sure of it. Play games linked to the sound and see can you identify it in words, e.g. ‘igh’ – high, might, night, light, fright, bright, sigh, sight – can you sound out words with the new sound in it?


Once you are sure, move on to a new sound, but keep practising the sounds you have learnt – and also do a quick recall of the Set 1 sounds. Remember, you will find RWI lessons for Set 1 and 2 on the ‘Ruth Miskin YouTube channel’, the link can be found in the Phonics folder.


The Phonics Comics are also available for you to read and are linked to the Set 1 and some of the Set 2 RWI Sounds – if you haven’t, choose one and have a read. There are also some Read and Race games linked to Set 1 sounds and some other sounds.


Tricky words: Please keep practising the Set 1 and 2 Red words - can you think of a sentence with a tricky word in it?


Reading: It is important that you continue to read as much as possible. Try reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ every day with your mum or dad...or brother or sister so you know the story really well. Remember, in the Phonics folder there are comics linked to all the sounds that you have learnt, and for the new RWI Set 2 sounds. Try these and they will help your reading.


Drama: Could you dress up as any of the characters and act out the story? Or could you retell the story to your teddies? Would you be able to retell the story to your mum or dad?


Writing: Can you write a simple sentence linked to the story? Are you able to imagine how the different characters were feeling - could you write a simple sentence as one of those characters? Could you write a sentence to describe the beanstalk? What was the giant like? What does Jack look like? The Oak National Academy tab doesn’t have any lessons linked to Jack and the Beanstalk.


Maths: Keep working on your mental maths skills and practising your numbers up to 20. If you need to, use a number line to help.


Get mum or dad to hide numbers all around the house. Go on a number hunt and find as many as you can. When you do find some of the numbers, can you work out which ones are missing?


Why don't you try to complete the 'February Maths Master' challenges? Find it below.


There are lots of Jack and the Beanstalk resources in the Maths area - can you put the correct number of beans with the same numbered beanstalk? Can you crack the Jack and the Beanstalk addition code? There are also links to Maths ‘Money’ lessons on The Oak National Academy website. Please, get mum or dad to email me photos of you working ( or upload them to EExAT. 


Understanding The World / Science: Have a go at one of the Jack and the Beanstalk science experiments that have been uploaded – would you be able to ‘Grow a Bean in a Bag’? Could you create your own ‘Glove Garden’?


Expressive Arts and Design: Can you make your own beanstalk (maybe with a kitchen roll tube) leading up to a castle?


Parents, you will find lots of activities below linked to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk. If possible, try to do at least 15 minutes every day on each of these key areas, plus lots of independent and creative play:


- Phonics 

- Reading 

- Writing

- Maths


Good luck! smiley


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Week 5...

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