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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Term 2

Real PE

We have been focusing on different types of movements and balances. This was challenging and required the children to concentrate and work on their techniques.


Dinosaur Island

We listened to the story of Dinosaur Island, an undiscovered island surrounded by fog and thunderstorms. Millions of years ago, a great meteorite killed all of the dinosaurs on earth and every one of them became extinct. Many years later, scientists somehow managed to find a way through the storms and were able to enter Dinosaur their surprise they discovered hundreds of dinosaurs alive and unharmed.




In Child-Initiated time, some of the children made their own versions of the island. They also created dens outside for the dinosaurs to shelter in.



I'm Stickman, I'm Stickman, I'M STICKMAN, that's me...



...and I want to go home to the family tree!


The children loved listening to the story of Stickman and joining in with the repeated phrases. We went into our Forest School area and the children collected some sticks, which they then used to make their own Stickmen! smiley 


Remembrance Day





As part of our RE topic on Sikhism, we learnt about the festival of Diwali and about Rangoli patterns. The children used play dough to make their own.


Bonfire and Fun with Sparklers!

As many of our children weren't going to get to experience a bonfire this year, we decided to have one of our own, in school, at our Forest School site. We talked about Bonfire Night Safety and how important it was that we and others remember to stay as safe as possible when around fires or fireworks.



The children really enjoyed the bonfire and holding the sparklers. We talked about our senses and about what we could smell, see, hear and feel. Afterwards, some of the children built their own mini bonfires on our playground using sticks and twigs and others drew fireworks on the ground with coloured chalk. Everyone painted their own versions of either a bonfire or fireworks in the sky. smiley