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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’


Week 5

In RE, we learnt about the Crucifixion and then produced our own beautiful artwork to depict the event.

A few of us took part in the bouncing bunnies event. We are very excited for the rest of us to complete our bounce soon!

In music, Mrs Edmonds introduced us to samba rhythms.

In maths, we scaled ratios in groups and drew visual representations of these ratios.

What a fantastic Culture Day! We wore learnt about the range of cultures we have in our school, saw some traditional clothes, ate some delicious food and learnt loads!

In maths, we also explored our outdoor areas to see the ratio of different items. E.g. for every four benches there was one bin.

In history, we used different sources to match Greek art and sculpture to the gods/goddesses they were in honour of.